First of its kind 3 star system discovered in space

Scientists have discovered a system in our universe that has not one or two, but three stars. Experts from Copenhagen University in Denmark discovered this unique system of 3 stars. In this system, 2 stars are orbiting each other while the third star is orbiting the pair.

 Experts involved in the research, published in the Royal Astronomical Society's Monthly Notices, said it was the first such discovery as far as we know. We know that many 3-star systems exist in our universe, but they are usually not that big," he said.

 He said that these three stars are very big and very close to each other. The two stars orbiting each other are in the center of the system and have a mass 12 times that of the Sun.

Similarly, the mass of the third star is 16 times that of the Sun, i.e. it is bigger than both the stars.


The pair of stars completes one cycle around each other in one day while these two stars approach the third 6 times every year. This is indeed a very high speed because all three stars have very large masses. According to scientists, this system actually consisted of 4 stars in which a pair merged to form one massive star.

 This system of 3 stars has been named by scientists as TIC 470710327.


  • Muhammad Arsalan

    August 2022 at 10:10 AM


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