Terms & Conditions

Agreement - With 3 Months Warranty

  1. Any repair that is specifically requested, such as “screen repair” will have that repair done ONLY. Not all damage can be seen with the naked eye. If other obvious damages are found in the course of the repair (power button not functioning, home button sticking, no wi-fi, etc.) those damages will be assessed but NOT REPAIRED. This ensures that the repairs will be done in a timely manner and your quote remains accurate.

  2. DEVICES WILL NOT BE RESET/RESTORED UNLESS REQUESTED. All video/music/photos will be preserved to the best of our capabilities. This is a priority. If the device is not functional without a reset/restore to factory defaults, we will inform you, the customer, of the correct procedure or we can perform it ourselves at your request. This procedure can take several hours.

  3. We do not keep many parts in stock to reduce the chances of damaged replacement parts and to give customers the best price available. All part orders are placed on a bi-weekly basis (every Wednesday and Sunday). Depending on the origin of the part, orders can take as little as 2 days or up to a minimum of 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS (Mon-Fri) to arrive. If a 2nd replacement is needed, for whatever reason, please allow for extra time.

  4. Time to completion estimates are what they are: estimates. Time out can vary depending on the device, the repair needed, parts availability and current repair workload in the shop. No discounts will be given for extended time frames.

The same work is being done regardless of when and we’re sure no one wants us doing shoddy work. At times we can have anywhere from 2 to 40 repairs in line ahead of you. Please understand that we are giving each device the care and attention it needs, whether it’s your device or the customers’ ahead of you. 

  1. If the device is a phone, scheduling  can be arranged around work/private schedules. We understand that you have a personal life that requires attention and communication. Please understand that we do also!

  2. Regrettably devices sometimes die in our hands. Devices are as diverse as the customers that bring them to us. We have no way to tell how well or poorly a device has been treated before we see them. If a device stops functioning in the course of the repair, we will inform you, the customer, immediately. In-depth mother/main/logic board damage is a difficult repair in the best situations and consumes a lot of labor hours. To better serve our customers, if the repair would exceed the cost of replacement, we will stop work immediately. Speedyfix takes no responsibility, expressed or implied, in these situations. It doesn't benefit us in any way if/ when it happens, we try our best to make sure this doesn’t happen.

  3. Parts are guaranteed! If we replace a part, and the part still doesn't function, we will order another replacement at our own expense. Other damages are at the responsibility of the customers’(see #1 and Warranty policy section)

  4. If your device has a passcode or password we need to know it! If a device is locked we will not be able to properly test the device upon completion. If the repair is completed with no passcode/password provided the repair will be considered AS-IS!

  5. All jobs will be held for 30 days from the date of contact that the work is completed. After 30 days we will attempt final contact to resolve any amount due. If no resolution is available or we cannot contact you at the options provided to us (disconnected number, etc.) Speedyfix reserves the right to assume ownership of the device(s). We will then attempt to finalize payment in some other way, including but not limited to selling the device(s).

  6. A copy of this statement and our warranty policy are available upon request, along with additional copies for reference; just ask the associate after signing.

  7. Speedyfix accepts no responsibility for working on notably lost or stolen devices. By signing this agreement, the signer takes full responsibility for the status of the device brought in for repair. 

  8. Here are Speedyfix we strive to give quality service and customer assistance. This also applies to the customers before you and after you. Remember, we get a lot of repairs, so if it’s taking some time we apologize. Mobile devices have delicate electronic components! Care and patience must be exercised when working on them. If we rush through them the work will show!

  9. The diagnostic cost is $0 if we can’t repair the device, otherwise our diagnostic cost is $49.99 even if you don't want to repair it.