Google has started testing new smart glasses

Google launched a smart glass a decade ago that failed to catch on. After Google Glass, this company has started developing another smart glass.

The company has started public testing of smart glasses based on augmented reality technology.

Google announced in a blog post that dozens of Smart Glasses are being used in public testing and that number will increase.

This new smart glass will have cameras installed that can be used to identify objects in the surrounding environment through voice commands.


Just like Google Lens is used to recognize objects and text on a mobile phone camera. But this device will not be able to be used to record photos or videos, instead the company is paying full attention to how smart glasses can be used to identify the world around. This device will look almost like a normal glasses as it does not have photography facility.

According to Google, smart glasses will gradually be used for internet searching and navigation by sight. At present, the company has not said in which locations in the US the smart glasses are being tested and when this prototype model will be ready in its final form.


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